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What’s the scoop

From cow to cone in 24 hours; organic, natural Lancashire ice cream

About Us

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Thriving upon producing wild and wackily wonderful flavours of ice creams that will keep you coming back for more. Cool Cow products are passionately made from only the best natural and local products. Old Holly Farm is home to 120 Friesian cows. The milking parlour is just 15 metres from the ice cream production area. The cows are milked twice a day, solely for making the great tasting Cool Cow ice cream.


The History

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Cool Cow ice cream has gone from strength to strength since humble beginnings.

Establishing the family business in 2007, the passion for ice cream has been around for much longer. Owner, Angela Stewart, knew the ice cream industry inside and out and decided to go it alone.


About the Products

  • Made with organic milk

    All our ice cream is made with organic milk fresh from cows in the fields just next to our production facility.

  • Only natural Ingredients

    Here at coolcow we believe in fresh, tasty ice cream. There are no artificial sweeteners or additives in any of our products.

  • Locally sourced

    All our ingredients are sourced from suppliers in the heart of Lancashire.

  • Over 20 flavours

    We have a wide variety of flavours available ranging from our Creamy rich chocolate flavours to the taste sensation that is Cherry Amaretto!

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